Don’t let your pain or mobility issues get in the way of enjoying the people and activities you love.  There is an answer for all of the challenges that attempt to steal your joy.  Let the trained staff of DMR help you find the right equipment that can restore your ability to enjoy your life and family.


Wheelchairs are our specialty and our trained staff will customize the best setup for your needs and comfort.  We offer a wide selection of quality power and manual wheelchairs from all of the industry leading manufacturers.  

There is no reason to purchase a cookie cutter scooter when there are so many models available to fit your unique life situation.  There are heavy duty, lightweight and portable options.  With consideration to your need and transportation situation, we have the right scooter for you.

A lift chair is a great addition for those of us that need a little help getting in and out of a sitting position.  With dozens of stylish options to choose from, your lift chair will fit right into your home décor.  No need to worry about bulky equipment that screams REHAB.  You can even choose to have the recliner feature for ultimate comfort.


Specialty mattresses and adjustable position beds can make a significant improvement in your comfort and condition not only during your hours spent sleeping, but throughout your waking hours as well.  We can evaluate you for the best Low Air Loss or specialty foam mattress along with powered adjustable beds that can help you live the most comfortable life possible.

Urological Supplies

We provide quality brand urological supplies from the most reputable and reliable manufacturers in the industry.  Come into our store and stock up on whatever urological supplies you need from Closed System catheters, Coude catheters for both males and females, externals and a wide range of comfortable, discreet collection bags.

Wound Care

We are stocked with the wound care products you need.  From sterile pads, compresses and bandages.  We carry all of the disposable items needed to manage wounds and promote healing in a clean and sterile environment.

Compression Socks

We have a large assortment of stylish compression socks and stockings for those with DVT and other conditions.  

Bathroom Safety

There are numerous products that you can add to your bathroom to make sure it is not a huge risk to your safety.  Well anchored grab bars, commodes, padded bath chairs and transfer benches are just some of the components that will promote a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

Toilet Safety
Premium Standing Assistance
Luxurious Comfort & Mobility
Coffee Leather Lift Chair
Bathroom Safety
Portable Mobility

Our store, located in South Miami on Bird Road, can provide you with all of your mobility and rehab needs quickly and completely.  Our staff has over 30 years of industry experience and we are trained by all of the major manufacturers so we can fit you with the most appropriate equipment and products to assure your comfort and mobility. Most items are in stock and ready for purchase.  We can also order anything that may not be immediately available in a timely fashion.

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